Irish Dance
For Kids & Adults

Recreational Dancers
Irish Dance is a great way to exercise your body and your brain at the same time. Rhythm, co-ordination, fun – all accompanied by heart-warming music.

Competitive Dancers 
Dancing more than just for leisure? We train children, teens and adults for competition and international championships. Go for broke in training and look forward to great rewards!

Kindergarten Class (3-6 years of age)
Using age-specific teaching methods, we enable children to access the world of Irish Dance. While having fun and exercising, a feeling for rhythm and a sense of individual body awareness is developed.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we do not have a fixed class schedule at the moment. Get in touch and we will find a suitable class for you.

Join us for a free taster class at any time!

Hip Hop
For Kids

Hip Hop is a modern dance style that is guaranteed to make you happy and get you pumping. Just feel the beat and dance your heart out!

The choreographies you will learn in these dance classes include various urban dance styles such as Hip Hop, New Style, Dancehall, Popping, Locking, House and many more. This class is perfect for those who want to dance Hip Hop as the professionals do!

Kids’ Class
Friday 16.00 – 17.30

For Kids & Adults

Zumba is a style of aerobic exercise combined with latin dance moves that are fun and will make you forget you are working out at all. Move to the beat and break a sweat while having a great time!

Kids’ Class
Thursday 16.30 – 17.15

Adult Class
Sunday 10.00 – 11.00

For Kids

Modern life is becoming increasingly stressful not only for adults, but also for our little ones. The pressure of school can get very hard to handle at a young age. With our specialised children’s relaxation instructor, your kids will learn to unwind and relax consciously – for a more relaxed everyday life.

Thursday 17.30 – 18.15

Aerial Fitness
Yoga in a Hammock

Learn how to fly with Aerial Yoga! This truly is a completely new way of keeping fit. Experience a new fitness discipline with Aerial Yoga. We train with hanging hammocks and learn how to fly.

Wednesday 19.30 – 20.30

External Classes
At Our Studio

Certified Yoga teacher Mirijam Gomez Grande offers in-depth Yoga at our studio. Please find all further information at Om at Home.

Thursday 18.30 – 20.00

Fit Dank Baby
Are you a new mommie looking to get back in shape? Magdalena Schlossareck’s Fit Dank Baby classes might be perfect for you. The current schedule is available on this website.

Volkshochschule Böblingen-Sindelfingen
The local VhS offers various dance and fitness classes at our studio. Check their website for the current schedule.